Infertility Care


We understand that the process of starting a family can be challenging for some patients. When you and your partner have decided to start this journey, it is normal to want instant success.

Unfortunately, conceiving a pregnancy can take time and some effort. We highly suggest prenatal and fertility consultations if possible to prepare for success and reduce stress during this time.

If you seem to be struggling through your journey, please come in to speak with one of our providers.  We can help!

Infertility Screening

For a woman to be fertile, the ovaries must release healthy eggs regularly, and her reproductive tract must allow the eggs and sperm to pass into her fallopian tubes to become fertilized by a sperm. Her reproductive organs must be healthy and functional.

After your health care provider asks questions regarding your health history, menstrual cycle and sexual habits, a physical examination may be performed. An individualized plan of care will be developed that may include blood work, hysterosalpingography, surgical evaluation, and/or ultrasound.

We would be happy to discuss with you any questions or concerns you might have!

Please call us at 302-635-9800 for a consultation, or to setup an appointment!

During your consultation, we may decide together that your needs or issues require specialty care.  We refer and have a great working relationship with several local Reproductive Specialists.